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Whether you have a new build home or not, Smart Technology is the way to go.  Full control from the palm of your hands allows you to keep a schedule on all your heating, lighting, home sound systems, appliances and monitor your household electric and water usage from wherever you are.

Take a look below to see a brief description of what we can provide and design specifically to suit your needs.


Have the lights in your house turn on automatically via motion sensors.  Set the ambient lighting in your home depending on your mood, and set scenes depending on the time of the day.  


Manage all your heating using electronic thermostats around your home.  This can all be viewed from your interface, allowing you to set manual heating, or schedule the heating to come on before you wake up, or when the house gets too cold.

Sound System

Make the most of having a full multi-room music experience, allowing you to seamlessly stream music across your wifi in the rooms you choose, with high-end audio sound systems.


For those mornings you wish to gradually awake, allowing the blinds to tilt light slowly through that morning sunrise. Also instantly open/close every blind in your home whilst you are away or on holiday. 

Video Intercom

See who arrives at your house when you're not at home.  Let them ring the door bell and you can let them through the door, even if you're not at home.


A good home network and WiFi is so important to avoid glitchy and intermittent internet roaming.  Although we do recommend you keep most of your network equipment wired where possible, you still need a solid wireless connection for devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Please call us for a free quote and any queries:

01263 220102

What our customers are saying?

I am so impressed with the technology fitted in my own, Luke has been very helpful on setting everything up for us, and it works fantastically. I will be highly recommending this service to everyone I know.

Jane - Island reach

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